Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top Ten Hollywood Romantic Movies List

Love is perhaps the most commonly used theme in movies. Hollywood is also making romantic movies from a decade. Whatever movie you have, there is always some romantic elements in it to fee about love.

There are many movies which are based on romance and love. These romantic movies becomes immortal. Here is the list of top tem romantic movies of hollywood. Feel free to give me few of your romantic movies from hollywood. Just, don't forget to give your list of top romantic movies in the comment section.


It Could Happen to You (1994):

Alex and Emma (2003):

Man on the Elysian Field (2001):

Love Story:

Sweet November:

Little Women (1994):

Notting Hill:

Roman Holiday:

Robin Hood: Prince of the Thieves:

Please, in the comment section, leave your list of top ten romantic movies.

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