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Jenny McCarthy talks New Year's Eve kiss

The 39-year-old actress is one of the many celebrities who help ring in 2012 for the 40th episode of the ABC special "New Year's Rockin 'Eve'. McCarthy, who famously split with actor Jim Carrey in 2010, told "Well, I'm single Wink, wink, we have five hours this year so maybe I would retire from the crowd and find ..? a cute boy to kiss. I do not know. We shall see. "

Jenny McCarthy
McCarthy will co-host of the show for the second time, joining original host Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest in New York. Fergie hosts from Los Angeles. The show is also set to music performances by artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Florence + The Machine, Nicki Minaj, Blink-182 and Pitbull function.
McCarthy is a long time fan of the program year.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy
"When I was Jim, we stayed on the couch every New Year's Eve, ABC saw," she said. "I remember going, 'These people are freezing. They are crazy. The bank is the greatest place ever." So if you do not come to Times Square, I highly recommend staying on the couch and watch. "
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy  In November, McCarthy said in an interview on the TV show "Access Hollywood" about what they are looking for in a man saying. "I do not care if they have a big nose I do not care if they are bald. Just very sweet and that is a perfect reflection of who I am today. They need a job. I'd at least be able to dinners and stuff to buy like. That is important. "
She cited her Chicago upbringing and said "it is difficult to find a man man" in Los Angeles, where she lives.

McCarthy and Carrey broke after about five years in April 2010. Earlier this year, she sports agent Paul Krepelka for several months. McCarthy is a single mother as well - she and her ex-husband John Mallory Asher, a director and actor, have a son - Evan, 9.
McCarthy rose to fame as Playboy magazine's 1994 Playmate of the Year and appeared as a host on MTV's dating show "selected. "She is in her own comedy series," The Jenny McCarthy Show, "guest starred on the sitcom" Two and a Half Men, "had parts in films like" Dirty Love "and" Scream 3 "and wrote several books.
Co-hosting "New Year's Rockin 'Eve," said McCarthy, is "like a bucket list thing to do."
"I never thought that I would like to freeze my butt down there," she said. "But that Times Square, this energy, it is electric. So to be able to host and hopefully have people feel what I feel, my job this year."
The "New Year's Rockin 'Eve" special and aired on ABC on December 31 at 8 pm ET. New Year's celebration will be seen from around the world, and the annual countdown to midnight from Times Square in New York City.
Look what else to say about Jenny McCarthy's "New Year's Eve" and look over the holidays in general.
I've heard stories that it is not easy to go to the toilet at that time. What happens? I'm sure you have your own luxury "porta-potty. "
"We do. It is still hot on the seventh floor of the building. So it's a bit of a journey. This year when I looked around, there were many" porta-pots. " But there were more police than toilets, still, I was pleased [about]. I felt very safe going down there, and secure. But it's a bit smelly. [Laughs]
So Dick Clark has certainly left his mark on our New Year's Eve and we've looked for so many years .. To be part of that print after all these years, you kind of add to the next generation. That should more than just a bucket list, but a sense of real achievement.
. "Absolutely I mean, still able to do with Dick - he'll be doing the countdown again this year looking at Ryan -. I go, 'Wow, I feel like this is such a wonderful privilege to to be here to pass the baton on one day. "Ryan's done a really good job doing what Dick has done over the years and now I feel that he is a small co-host to help him needs. So, I am honored. "
"It's my second year. We have Lady Gaga performing in LA and Nicki Minaj, so there is a lot of great performances so I think we're going to beat everybody."
You sort of leave you are not packaged in this city and that's not an easy thing to do.
"The only thing I can do is singing. But I must tell you, when I moved to LA, I kind of put it there I do not want to pigeonhole myself and I wanted a long life. And in LA - if you're going to do a thing, you'll be in a box, so I made sure that I host, act, write .. I can not sing, I will bless all of you by not putting out an album. But I enjoy it. "
"And you know what really helps is a single mother. I'm forced to expand kind of what I can do and it keeps me working. Feeding my son will be expanded. "
There is a secret you will have that we can not see that keeps you warm?
"Live TV works - gets the blood moving, but also, I have a four turtleneck, four long underwear pants, three socks, boots and two pairs of gloves did and it worked pretty well .."
So it may be repeated this year.
"Oh yes. It was not snow on us. So we were lucky. We'll see this year. Cross my fingers."
That's just funny that you would do four turtlenecks.
"Is not it? You might think. But I had to protect myself. But they have me up and down Times Square, so that helps. Ryan gets to stand on his little platform with its small stoves. Me? No. I use. "

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